Volume One: A work in progress

Just don´t!

No, I don´t fit your ideals or generalizations of women,
and I couldn't care less!

just stop!

Men´s right to comment women will never trump women's right to not be judged!

watch it!

Yes, I´ve joined a feminist self-defense class, which is fundamentally sick that I feel the need to do!

Give me space!

Don´t get me started about that manspread issue...

Villa Salin Comics Camp 2018

I, Angela Djurfelter will be joining FEMSKT Feminist Comic Residence 2019, in Helsinkki, Finland.
I´ll be going there to meet other feminist comics artists, take part in different workshops and to show my comics project:
Xantippa, Volume One: The Outburst to get feedback and support.

earlier CAMPs

2016 I went to Villa Salin to work with my other comic, Bipolaroid, that I´ve published in Dotterbolaget Sthlms zine Ensamhet (Loneliness). 
Bipolaroid is a documentary comic about how it it to live with bipolar disorder.
In spring 2017 I joined the camp again to write the script for Xantippa.
I returned in april 2018 to continue to develop the character Xantippa.

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